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Mona Minas S.A. is a privately held property investment and gold mining company, whose focus is to acquire and develop gold mineralized properties in South America and Central America. Mona Minas S.A. is dedicated to the exploration, development, and mining of both alluvial deposits and the mining of (hard rock) or "in situ" gold (AU) and silver (AG) in Colombia. Mona Minas S.A. maintains an on-site, working presence in Municipalities of Segovia, Remedios and Zaragoza; Department of Antioquia, Colombia.

Specimen of gold wires (distorted crystals) on quartz from Antioquia, Colombia

Specimen of gold wires (distorted crystals) on quartz from Antioquia, Colombia

Mona Minas operates in Colombia through its subsidiary, Mona Minas S.A. and is headquartered in Envigado, Department of Antioquia. Medellin Colombia is the historic and present-day metals mining capital of the country. Mona Minas uses its subsidiary as its operating arm to engage exploratory mining and the formation of strategic alliances and joint ventures. The company also has a gold processing stamp mill in Segovia, Antioquia adjacent to the Frontino Gold Belt reserve.

Our strategic alliances are with a close knit family of Colombian gold miners and other professionals: administrative, technical and legal which manage the day to day operations of the company.

These alliances allow us to keep updated with the politics and legalities of such key entities as the Colombian "National Mining Agency" (Agencia Nacional Minera). The strategic and technical people presently behind Mona Minas S.A. are all experienced professionals in the minerals and investment industry, and between them support a total of over 60 years of in-country experience in the Colombian gold mining sector. - The First Emerald & Colored Gemstone Online Trading Platform

The First Emerald & Colored Gemstone Online Trading Platform



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